Couple Wanted :: Adventure Session


I’m a vanilla kind of gal!

Favourite ice cream is cookie dough…of course! This is such a neat contest! We’d love to win!

DQ Blizzard with Oreos and PB cups- the best ever!!

I’m an oreo icecream girl! We would absolutely love to get to be a part of something sweet and outdoors since our wedding!

I agree! Vanilla is the best

Cookie dough hands down 😊

I love Spumoni ice cream!!

Triple tornado is my favourite kind of ice cream!

Cookie Dough all day everyday !! Such a cute idea

Would have to say cookies and cream, but I love all ice cream so it’s a hard choice

Cotton candy ice cream all the way!

Cotton cancy ice cream for me!

How can you pick just one kind of ice cream!? I love chocolate, but my all time favorite is a tossup between cotton candy & black cherry. yummy!!

me: maple walnut
him: coconut

I really like Matcha Green Tea flavour with white chocolate drizzle.. its to die for!

When I was able to have dairy my favourite ice cream was Bubblegum. 🍦

Mint chocolate chip! Sweet and refreshing!

I love coconut ice cream 🙂

bubble gum without the gum lol

I ADORE cookie doe Ice cream ♡♡♡

I LOVE chocolate peanut butter and coconut the best. Hubby is chocolate all the way.

Our votes go to boysenberry ice cream if you’re keeping it fresh and cotton candy swirl with gummy bears when we’re feeling sweet!

Mint chocolate chip❤️

Everyone who knows me knows I basically treat ice cream as its own food group. It is almost impossible for me to chose just one but I would have to go with CHEESECAKE ice cream!

Definitely coffee flavored 😻😻😻 I need all of the caffeine I can get.

White chocolate with raspberry syrup! Yummy!!

Most of them with chocolate but I really like moose tracks. Chocolate and caramel chunks in vanilla icecream mmmmmm

Cookie dough ice cream for sure:)

I love me some cookie dough ice cream 🙂

I love Reese’s or cookies and cream!

Lover of key lime ice cream!

100% without a doubt the Tonight Dough, B+J SO GOOD!

Limoncello if I can find it!

Ferrero Rocher ice cream (Mysticque’s fav) and Pistacio ice cream (Tim’s fav). 🍦

my favourite kind of ice cream is chocolate chip mint 🙂 sweet, indulgent, and refreshing

I had a rule growing up to try a different flavor every time I got ice cream as a kid! So many flavors to choose! Ultimate favourite would be marble slab. Birthday cake ice cream with raspberry and skor! 💕

So hard to choose a favourite! But my top 3 are Fiasco Gelato’s Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt, or Ben & Jerry’s If I Had 1,000,000 Flavours and their Non-Dairy Coffee Caramel Fudge.

Spumoni ice cream for me 🙂

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